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  • Care Guide: Milkweed Bugs Get care instructions for milkweed bugs (Oncopeltus fasciatus), including details on housing and feeding, information about the organism, related resources, and FAQs. View »
  • On the Cutting Edge: Exploring Sheep Organs Sheep organ dissection offers an excellent opportunity for students to learn about anatomical structures and functions. View »
  • Grasshopper Dissection Explore basic insect anatomy with preserved grasshoppers. This dissection requires only dissecting scissors, and you can do it in a class period. View »
  • On the Cutting Edge: Rat Dissection The rat’s body structure and organ systems are relatively similar to those of a human. This similarity provides an interesting look into mammalian anatomy and allows students to make comparisons between humans, rats, and other mammals. View »
  • On the Cutting Edge: Rat Dissection External Exam In this activity, we’ll show you how to start with a thorough examination of the rat’s external anatomy that helps students gain insight about this animal’s habitat, behavior, and relatedness to humans. View »
  • Heart Dissection Dissection of a preserved sheep or pig heart offers students an excellent opportunity to learn about mammalian heart anatomy. View »
  • On the Cutting Edge: Starfish Anatomy Learn how to do a hands-on lesson that explores the starfish’s external anatomy, focusing on structures used for locomotion, protection, and feeding. View »
  • On the Cutting Edge: Understanding the Mammalian Kidney The Mammalian Kidney Dissection BioKit® offers your students the opportunity to dissect and understand this fascinating organ. View »
  • Dissection Buying Guide Choosing the right preserved specimen for your classroom can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are new to dissection. That’s why we put together this straightforward buying guide! It includes specimen suggestions based on grade level and specimen complexity, needed dissection and safety supplies, and options for instructional materials. View »