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  • Perch Dissection Perch dissection requires minimal skill, few tools, and typically takes one or two class periods. Learn more. View »
  • Grasshopper Dissection Explore basic insect anatomy with preserved grasshoppers. This dissection requires only dissecting scissors, and you can do it in a class period. View »
  • Injection Options for Preserved Specimens We offer many of our preserved specimens with colored latex injections. Use this chart as a guide. View »
  • Dissection Buying Guide Choosing the right preserved specimen for your classroom can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are new to dissection. That’s why we put together this straightforward buying guide! It includes specimen suggestions based on grade level and specimen complexity, needed dissection and safety supplies, and options for instructional materials. View »
  • Fetal Pig Dissection Pigs are excellent and engaging specimens for studying mammalian anatomy. They exhibit hair, a muscular diaphragm, a 4-chambered heart, and mammary glands. View »
  • Sheep Brain Dissection Introduce students to the anatomy of a mammalian brain with this activity. Includes a brief survey of the internal and external anatomy of the sheep brain and go-to dissection resources. View »
  • Cow Eye Dissection Explore the internal and external anatomy of the cow eye with this dissection. It can be carried out in one or two class periods and requires basic instruments. View »
  • Mammalian Kidney Dissection This guide provides general instructions for dissecting mammal kidneys and includes recommended resources. Get the details. View »