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Environmental, Earth and Space Science

  • Sea Floor Spreading-Divergent Plate Boundaries This is a student modeling activity for divergent plate boundaries that illustrates the surface and internal processes occurring at divergent plate boundaries. View »
  • Thermal Convection Currents On Earth, thermal convection currents drive our weather, ocean currents, and tectonic plate movement. In this demonstration, students get a less simplistic but a more visual model of thermal convections currents in three dimensions. View »
  • Modeling River Delta Formation What effects does moving water have on land surfaces? Model the process of delta formation with a piece of gutter, sand, and a pan of water in this activity. Get the details. View »
  • Wetland Feedback Loops How can a change to Earth’s surface create feedback that causes changes to other systems? In this activity, students collect evaporation rate data for simulated wetlands and connect the data to ecosystem impacts. View »
  • Volcano in the Classroom Here’s a safe, easy, and vivid interpretation of a classic activity that won’t break the budget. All you’ll need are a few common items—a beaker, sand, water, a candle, and a hot plate. View »