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Large Owl Pellet

1 - 9 $4.30
10 - 49 $3.80
50+ $3.50
Product Highlights
  • Hands-on, introductory dissection for all ages
  • Heat sterilized for safety
(backordered: in stock 9/29/22)


Product Details
Owl pellets are compact masses of indigestible food parts regurgitated by owls. Contents of each pellet will vary based on the owl’s diet but can include bones, fur, claws, teeth, feathers, plant matter, insect exoskeletons, and more! Students can easily learn about:

  • Food webs
  • Energy transfer
  • Predator-prey interactions

Product Features

  • 1.5” or more in length
  • Individually wrapped
  • Chemical free
  • Heat sterilized at 250° F for 4 hours


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