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Orbit™ Proview DNA Model

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Discover the chemistry and structure of DNA
This 85-cm-high, 40-cm-wide DNA model will be an impressive and valuable addition to any classroom! The large-scale 3-D model helps students visualize and understand the base pairs, sugar rings, and phosphate groups of the DNA structure. Colored bonds indicate covalent or hydrogen bonding, and each atom is shown. The 12 base pairs show more than 1 turn of the double helix.

Students learn while they build
Building the model is a fantastic class project that can be self-contained or extended over several class periods. Students work together to construct the subassemblies—the thymine-adenine and cytosine-guanine base pairs, sugar rings, and phosphate groups—then join them together to make the complete DNA model.

Includes 750 atoms and 850 bonds, a suspension framework of wooden plates pre-strung with nylon threads, assembly instructions, and a student worksheet examining the structure of DNA and the mechanism of transcription. Note: Model comes with unpainted wooden plates and does NOT include a display stand. It can be suspended from a hook or displayed on a laboratory ring stand.


What’s Included:
  • 750 Atom Model Pieces
  • 850 Covalent and Hydrogen Bonds
  • 1 Support Plate Assembly Pre-Strung with Nylon Threads
  • 1 Assembly Instructions
  • 1 Student Worksheet
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