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Disorder Detectives

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Offering a fresh approach to the traditional karyotyping activity, Disorder Detectives is sure to engage your students and pique their interest in the impact of chromosome disorders on human disease. Taking on the role of cytogeneticists, students diagnose the diseases of 15 different patients using fully reusable materials, while incorporating real clinical symptoms. Students deal with a variety of abnormalities resulting from nondisjunction, deletion, inversion, and translocation.


  • Understand the anatomy of human chromosomes
  • Diagnose patient disorders using karyotype analysis
  • Address student misconceptions regarding chromosomes
  • Reuse kit's unique karyotyping boards and decals

Students jump into the role of cytogeneticists working in a hospital or clinic as they explore the diagnostic power of karyotyping in this unique activity. This kit provides students with a hands-on experience studying human chromosomes and connecting various karyotypes with chromosomal disorders. Students work on 1 of 15 case studies to complete patient karyotypes and help make appropriate disease diagnoses. They gain exposure to a wide range of chromosome anomalies and normal karyotype spreads during the investigation. Students deal with a variety of chromosome abnormalities resulting from nondisjunction, deletion, inversion, and translocation. The kit materials are reusable and offer your students an exceptional experience that can change the way you approach karyotyping in your classroom. Designed for 30 students working in pairs, the kit also includes 1-year access to digital resources that support 3-dimensional instruction. Additional reusable decals for the kit (Disorder Detectives Decal Set, Pack of 15, item #214801) are sold separately.




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