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Carolina Kits 3D® Physics Deluxe Bundle

(backordered: in stock 10/25/22)


Grades 9–12. The 19 physics kits in this bundle were built from the ground up to engage students in scientific and engineering practices while they apply core ideas and crosscutting concepts—experiences that are key to thriving with the NGSS and phenomena-based learning. The kit investigations allow your students to explore a variety of topics from 4 broad content areas: Forces and Motion, Types of Interactions, Energy, and Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation.

Each of the 19 kits contains sets of investigations, assessments, and digital resources to help your students make sense of phenomena as they build understanding of the core concepts in physics. Students think like scientists as they apply evidence gathered during the investigations to make claims surrounding driving questions, refining their claims and understanding as they progress.

This bundle contains materials to complete the sets of investigations, excluding common classroom supplies such as glassware, pencils, water, and balances. A teacher's manual, student guide, and supplementary digital materials also are included.

Digital resources may include:

  • Setup, phenomena, or activity videos
  • Student pre-lab activities
  • Interactive digital lessons and simulations
  • Digital teacher's manual
  • Downloadable resources
  • Activity supplies spreadsheet


What’s Included:
  • 1 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Hydroelectric Power Kit (item #180952)
  • 1 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Passive Solar Heat Kit (item #180962)
  • 1 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Egg Drop Kit (item #750046)
  • 1 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Wave Machine Kit (item #750049)
  • 1 Carolina® Introduction to Force and Motion Kit (item #751463)
  • 1 Carolina® Introduction to Momentum and Collisions Kit (item #751664)
  • 1 Carolina® First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics Kit (item #753720)
  • 1 Carolina® AM Crystal Radio Kit (item #754010)
  • 1 Carolina® Laser Music Demonstration Kit (item #754014)
  • 1 Determining Planck's Constant with LEDs: Investigating the Photoelectric Effect and Electronic Light Sensors Kit (item #754030)
  • 1 Carolina® Ohm's Law and Kirchhoff's Rules Kit (item #754034)
  • 1 Carolina® Introduction to Waves Kit (item #754086)
  • 1 Carolina® Mapping Electric Fields Kit (item #756010)
  • 1 Carolina® Coulomb's Law Kit (item #756020)
  • 1 Carolina® Introduction to Magnetism Kit (item #758231)
  • 1 Carolina® Introduction to Electromagnetics Kit (item #758661)
  • 1 Observing Ionizing Radiation Using a Cloud Chamber Kit (item #840374)
  • 1 Radioactive Decay and Half-Life Simulations Kit (item #840715)
  • 1 Molecular Structure Kit (item #841174)
  • 1 Carolina Kits 3D® Physics Deluxe Digital Resources Bundle (1-year subscription, item #757900)
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