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Carolina Kits 3D® Chemistry Deluxe Bundle

(backordered: in stock 10/18/22)


Grades 9–12. The 29 chemistry kits in this bundle were built from the ground up to engage students in scientific and engineering practices while they apply core ideas and crosscutting concepts—experiences that are key to thriving with the NGSS and phenomena-based learning. The kit investigations allow your students to explore a variety of different topics from 3 broad content areas: Structure and Properties of Matter, Chemical and Nuclear Reactions, and Energy in Chemical Processes.

Each of the 29 kits contains sets of investigations, assessments, and digital resources to help your students make sense of phenomena as they build understanding of the core concepts in chemistry. Students think like scientists as they apply evidence gathered during the investigations to make claims surrounding driving questions, refining their claims and understanding as they progress.

This bundle contains materials to complete the sets of investigations, excluding common classroom supplies such as glassware, pencils, water, and balances. A teacher's manual, student guide, and supplementary digital materials also are included.

Digital resources may include:

  • Setup, phenomena, or activity videos
  • Student pre-lab activities
  • Interactive digital lessons and simulations
  • Digital teacher's manual
  • Downloadable resources
  • Activity supplies spreadsheet

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What’s Included:
  • 1 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Keep It Hot Kit (item #750054)
  • 1 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Chemical Reaction Rockets Kit (item #820103)
  • 1 Crystal Garden Kit (item #820107)
  • 1 Periodic Table Inquiry Kit (item #840074)
  • 1 Carolina® Gas Laws Kit (item #840289)
  • 1 Super Water-Absorbent Polymers Kit (item #840303)
  • 1 Making Sense of Solubility Kit (item #841176)
  • 1 Like a Salt to a Flame Kit (item #840307)
  • 1 Metal Activity Series Kit (item #840319)
  • 1 Blue Bottle Kit (item #840321)
  • 1 Iodine Clock Reaction Kit (item #840325)
  • 1 Energy Transformations with Irradiated Salt Kit (item #840357)
  • 1 Under Pressure Kit (item #840364)
  • 1 Balloon Stoichiometry Kit (item #840366)
  • 1 Observing Ionizing Radiation Using a Cloud Chamber Kit (item #840374)
  • 1 Gas Laws Kit (item #840375)
  • 1 Endothermic Reaction: Beaker Freezer Kit (item #840378)
  • 1 Balancing Chemical Equations Kit (item #840656)
  • 1 Mystery Chemical Reactions Kit (item #840660)
  • 1 Chemical Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle Kit (item #840709)
  • 1 Radioactive Decay and Half-Life Simulations Kit (item #840715)
  • 1 Introduction to Stoichiometry Kit (item #840717)
  • 1 It's Not the Heat, It's Thermochemistry Kit (item #840744)
  • 1 Petri Dish Electrolysis Kit (item #840830)
  • 1 Chemical Bonding Kit (item #840835)
  • 1 Reaction Rate of an Antacid Kit (item #841166)
  • 1 Modeling Phase Change Kit (item #841168)
  • 1 Heat of Combustion in Biofuels Kit (item #841170)
  • 1 Molecular Structure Kit (item #841174)
  • 1 Carolina Kits 3D® Chemistry Deluxe Digital Resources Bundle (1-year subscription, item #848900)
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