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Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus


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Measure the electron charge to mass ratio (e/m) and study the electric and magnetic properties of an electron beam with this compact device based on a built-in CRT. Included are all the accessories needed to explore electron beam deflection, focusing, and electron behavior in transverse and axial magnetic fields. The Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus is self-contained. All high voltages are enclosed internally for safety. The built-in displays eliminate the need to connect external multimeters.

The instruction manual contains sample activities and sample data for the following basic experiments:

  • Electron behavior in an electric field
  • Electron deflection in a transverse electric field
  • Electron paths in an inhomogeneous longitudinal electric field
  • Electron behavior in a magnetic field
  • Electron deflection in a transverse magnetic field
  • Spiral electron path in a longitudinal magnetic field
  • Determination of e/m

The Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus is all that is required for these experiments. No additional accessories are needed.

CRT (8SJ31J tube on a 14-pin base):
Overall Length: 240 mm
Neck Diameter: 51.4 mm
Flat Screen Diameter: 75 mm
Grid Pitch: 10 mm
Transverse Field Coils:
Mean Diameter: 67 mm
Number of Turns: 530 per coil
Axial Field Solenoid:
Mean Diameter: 93 mm
Length: 228 mm
Number of Turns: 1,300
Power Supplies:
CRT: Cathode Voltage: -750 to -1,400 V
Focus Voltage: +200 to +400 V
Grid Voltage: -4 to -80 V
Electrostatic Deflection: X-Deflection: ~±100 V
Y-Deflection: ~±100 V
Magnet Supply: 0 to 9 V, 0.155 A transverse, 0 to 7.7 V, 2.0 A axial
Power Requirement: 110-V AC, 60 Hz
Case: Dimensions: 470 x 330 x 215 mm
Weight: ~10 kg (22 lb)


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