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Flow of Genetic Information Kit©

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3D Molecular Designs. Interact with and model the central dogma using this powerful simulation. Kit comes with durable color-coded foam nucleotides, tRNAs, placemats, and more, which allow students to model DNA replication, transcription of DNA into RNA, and translation of RNA into proteins. Addresses challenging concepts such as DNA strand directionality, anti-parallel structure, leading/lagging strands, and implications of encoded proteins due to changes in the DNA code. Demonstrates the structural differences between RNA/DNA and model the flow of genetic information from DNA to RNA to proteins. PDFs of Teacher Notes (an activity guide) can enhance student understanding of the central dogma, and student handouts can supplement or reinforce concepts presented in the classroom; both are available on the 3D Molecular Designs website.


What’s Included:
  • 1 DNA Replication Placemat, 12 x 19”
  • 1 Transcription Placemat, 12 x 19”
  • 1 Translation Placemat, 12 x 19”
  • 2 DNA Polymerase Ovals
  • 1 Transcription Bridge
  • 3 Orange Sticky-Back Foam Pieces (for replication placemat)
  • 5 Red Sticky-Back Foam Pieces (for transcription placemat)
  • 3 Purple Sticky-Back Foam Pieces (for translation placemat)
  • 4 Gray Sticky-Back Foam Pieces (for polymerase ovals)
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • 2 DNA Sequence Maps (I and II)
  • 2 RNA Sequence Maps (I and II)
  • 9 Tan Foam tRNA Molecules
  • 1 Tan Foam Release Factor
  • 10 White Foam Amino Acids
  • 40 Red Foam DNA Nucleotides (adenine)
  • 40 Yellow Foam DNA Nucleotides (thymine)
  • 40 Blue Foam DNA Nucleotides (cytosine)
  • 40 Green Foam DNA Nucleotides (guanine)
  • 24 Gray Foam DNA Nucleotides (adenine)
  • 24 Gray Foam DNA Nucleotides (thymine)
  • 24 Gray Foam DNA Nucleotides (cytosine)
  • 24 Gray Foam DNA Nucleotides (guanine)
  • 10 Red Foam RNA Nucleotides (adenine)
  • 10 White Foam RNA Nucleotides (uracil)
  • 10 Blue Foam RNA Nucleotides (cytosine)
  • 10 Green Foam RNA Nucleotides (guanine)
  • 1 Genetic Codon Mini Chart
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