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Curriculum Mastery Games for High School Science, Take-Home Edition, Chemistry Game

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Grades 9-12. Take-Home Physics Edition. * Provides hands-on, comprehensive review of all standards-based science topics for physics. * Offers flexible teaching options as students can play and learn independently or in small groups. * Features easy-to-follow universal instructions and minimal setup. This edition is ideal for homework assignments and is designed for parental involvement and home use. Includes: 25 individually packaged games (each with 30 topic-focused review cards and materials for 4 players), a teacher-parent guide, presentation CD-ROM, and a free online learning trial subscription. Curriculum topics include: The Science of Physics; Laws of Motion, I & II; Forces, I & II; Rotational Motion/Universal Gravitation; Work and Energy; Momentum and Collisions; Properties of Matter; Fluid Mechanics; Heat; Thermodynamics; Vibrations and Waves; Sound; Light; Optics; Electricity and Electrical Energy, I & II; Electric Circuits; Modern Electronics; Magnetism; Electromagnetism; Atomic and Nuclear Physics; Measurements and Calculations; Lab Investigations/Scientific Method.


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