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Carolina Investigations® for Use with AP® Biology: Cell Communication 1-Station Kit (with voucher)

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Students explore communication between cells using different strains of yeast. In the Guided Investigation, students use sterile technique to investigate the life cycle of yeast cells. Then they culture and mix 2 strains of yeast and observe the role that pheromones play in cell communication. In the Inquiry Activity, students design an investigation to further explore cell communication in yeast. Kit includes enough materials for 1 group of students. Note: Kit includes a voucher to request perishable material later at your convenience. Contact us or return the voucher to request delivery of perishable material.

Unit Connection
Unit 4: Cell Communication and Cell Cycle, topics 4.1: Cell Communication and 4.3: Signal Transduction

Standards Connection
IST-3 Cells communicate by generating, transmitting, receiving, and responding to chemical signals.

Time Requirements
The Pre-Lab takes approximately 45 minutes of preparation, the Guided Investigation takes approximately 60 minutes of preparation with overnight incubation, and the Inquiry Investigation takes approximately 60 minutes of preparation.

The Pre-Lab and Guided Investigation each take approximately 60 minutes. The time required for the Inquiry Investigation will vary based on students' plans.

Digital Resources
Includes 1-year access to digital resources that support instruction. Digital resources may include a teacher manual and student guide, pre-lab activities and setup videos, simulations, and post-lab analysis and assessments.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills
Students should be familiar with the differences between mitosis and meiosis, concepts of diffusion across a gradient from higher to lower concentrations, and with using compound microscopes.

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What’s Included:
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae, HAO, Slant Culture
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae, HBO, Slant Culture
  • 2 YED Broth, 100 mL
  • 8 Transfer Pipets
  • 6 Cotton Applicators
  • 750 Sterile Toothpicks
  • 1 YED Media, 350 mL
  • 1 Sterile Water, 20 mL
  • 6 Culture Tubes
  • 12 Petri Dishes
  • 12 Coverslips
  • 12 Microscope Slides
  • 1 Autoclave Bag
  • 1 Carolina Science Online® Resources (1-year subscription)
  • 1 Teacher's Manual and Reproducible Student Guide
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Needed But Not Included:
  •  Laboratory Markers
  •  Compound Microscopes
  •  Forceps
  •  Incubator
  •  Centrifuge (option for inquiry activity)
  •  Shaker (option for inquiry activity)
  •  Cloth for Straining Yeast (option for inquiry activity)
  •  Centrifuge Tubes (option for inquiry activity)
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