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Carolina® ABO-Rh Blood Typing with Synthetic Blood Kit

$9.95 - $115.00

Give your students the opportunity to experience realistic blood typing without any of the risks. Our ABO-Rh blood typing kit uses Carolina's exclusive synthetic blood product, which offers the authenticity of real blood without any of the risk. Students get the opportunity to test 4 unknown blood samples as they explore basic concepts of immunology. This activity is the perfect introduction for students interested in medicine, criminology, or forensics.


Blood typing without biohazards

  • Safe for classroom use
  • Realistic blood typing results
  • Easily and safely discarded
  • No risk of blood-borne diseases

The ability to type blood is an invaluable tool in medicine and criminology. Using this kit, students test 4 synthetic blood samples to identify their ABO and Rh blood types. The simulated agglutination reactions are extremely realistic. Kit and Value Kit contain no blood, blood products, or materials of biological origin, so there is no danger of disease transmission. Kit contains enough materials for a class of 30 working in pairs. Value Kit comes with sufficient materials to conduct the lab with 4 classes of 30 students working in pairs. Refills contain synthetic blood and antisera replacements.

Carolina® Synthetic Blood has several advantages over other suppliers' products, which usually depend on chemical reactions producing insoluble salts that precipitate from solutions. These products do not give visually realistic results. In actual blood typing, red blood cells form clumps (the agglutination reaction) that separate from the blood plasma. When mixed the appropriate synthetic antiserum, Carolina® Synthetic Blood forms clumps in the same way, for a realistic blood typing result. It's the closest to authentic blood typing that you can get without using real blood.

Note: Use with Carolina® Synthetic Blood products and accessories only. Not designed for actual blood typing.